We Can Build You Better

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On this track from the sci-fi and space music compilation Dark Space Matter, Pétur Jónsson wrote music to the big questions of artificial intelligence and the part androids and robots will play in our future when they surpass our meager abilities, which is only a matter of time and progress. Already, famous scientists and future thinkers warn us of the dangers of artificial intelligence, but how it will affect us is difficult to foresee, we only know that one day, it will. 

The track plays with the contrast of what we perceive as robotic and mechanical versus the human emotion, and tries to find a place where those two intersect. 

The track title is a nod to one of the most remarkable science fiction authors in history, Philip K. Dick, who wrote a famous novel in 1972 about simulacra entitled ‘We can Build You’

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Words and music by Pétur Jónsson, dialogue performed by Þórunn Erna Clausen ©2015 STEF/NCB