Samsung - Over The Horizon 2018

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Samsung partnered up with Pétur Jónsson for this year's version of 'Over The Horizon', the iconic ringtone and brand sound of Samsung Galaxy devices, originally composed by Joong-sam Yun. 

Each generation of Samsung’s Galaxy devices comes preloaded with a fresh new take on Over The Horizon, and this year, Pétur got to work on the 2018 version of what is arguably one of the most played music pieces in the world. You can watch it here:

If you want to know more, go to Pétur's own website for more information.

Petur Jonsson

Pétur Jónsson - New website

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This site has been quiet for a while. As per usual, that is a good sign. There is lots of new music being made and on it's way.

Only some of these new releases will be released by us, so if you want to follow what is going on there is a new place to do that, and it's right here.

Of course all new music releases will be up here as soon as they are published. 


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More people have been forced from their homes by war and violence than at any time since World War II. Over a million people fled to Europe just last year, often risking everything they own and their lives in doing so. 

The rise in refugee population sometimes makes the scale of the problem difficult for us to comprehend. And we, in the richer more secure countries, tend to forget that refugees are in every important aspect just like us, with the same hopes and dreams for themselves and their families, not just a 'problem' that we don't know how to solve. 

In 1997, psychologist Arthur Aron came up with a theory that four minutes of looking into the eyes of another person will bring them closer. I had the pleasure of composing music for this short film, aimed to prove that point, and remind us all that geography doesn't divide us. Instead of closing borders, we should be opening them up. 

The film was directed by Pegasus Pictures directors Reynir Lyngdal and Kristofer Dignus for Amnesty Iceland:

It seemed right in this context, that the song should be named 'Connected'. And here it is. You can download a longer version of it for free on our Soundcloud page. You can also stream it on Spotify here.

If you can, support your local Amnesty group, or other charities that help out refugees. Every little bit helps.

Thank you,



New release - Wanderer

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New year, new music. Here is 'Wanderer', a new instrumental piece by Pétur Jónsson. It belongs to our compilation 'Music To An Unborn Film' - a cinematic and simple, quite relaxing and even hypnotizing track. 

You know the drill, enjoy, and if you like it, please share on whatever platform you use the most.

Wanderer on SoundCloud:


Other tracks from 'Music To An Unborn Film'



Case now available on Netflix

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We're delighted to announce that if you live in the U.S, Canada, Denmark, Norway, New Zealand, Australia, South Africa or the Benelux region, you can now watch 'Case' on Netflix.

UK residents will be able to view the series on Channel4's Walter Presents. We'll follow up with more upcoming releases. 

The soundtrack by Petur Jonsson is available on all major streaming sites. Like here, for example:


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Every time I finish an instrumental song, I send it to some friends, and ask them what they see in their minds when they listen. I find great joy in getting all kinds of personal responses, people connecting my music to things, situations and places from their own lives. 

Such was the case with Straumur. A friend envisioned traveling down a streamy river, thus the name, which the brightest of you may have figured out might mean stream in Icelandic.

The aim of instrumental music is always to become the soundtrack to your life. And when it focuses you, makes your otherwise boring commute more wondrous, or better still - inspires you to create something yourself - that goal is accomplished. 


Want some more northern lights?

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The world doesn't seem to get enough of good footage of the beautiful spectacle that the Aurora Borealis are.

Our friends over at Iceland Aurora Films keep capturing them in new and mesmerizing ways. This time over Reykjavík city, and not with long exposures and time-lapses, but in real time, and in glorious 4k.

And even if we are admittedly biased, we love their choice of music. 

Alda | Music To An Unborn Film

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Time for some new music!

The fourth track from the instrumental soundtrack compilation Music To an Unborn Film is Alda by Pétur Jónsson.

As we all well know, Alda means 'wave' in Icelandic. 

That's all, enjoy!

Pétur Jónsson composes OST for TV drama Réttur / Case

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Here's why you haven't heard a lot from us lately:

Pétur Jónsson just finished composing the original soundtrack to Réttur, an Icelandic crime drama TV series which will be distributed worldwide under the name Case.

The series, 9 episodes, each of 45 minutes, directed by Baldvin Z and produced by Sagafilm airs on Iceland's Channel 2

Pétur put down some thoughts on the process of composing music to the series here:

'Þung eru þau spor' From Réttur OST

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Þung eru þau spor is the end title track for Icelandic TV drama Réttur (e. Case).

It's a heartfelt funeral song in Icelandic, inspired by the death of a 15 year girl found hanged over the stage of the Icelandic National Theatre at the beginning of Episode 1, leading to an investigation that quickly turns into something way bigger and complicated than expected. The title, rouglhly translated, means 'Heavy are those steps'. 

Þung eru þau spor
is written and performed by Petur Jonsson and sung by Sigríður Thorlacius.

You can read more about the making of the soundtrack .:here:.

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