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More people have been forced from their homes by war and violence than at any time since World War II. Over a million people fled to Europe just last year, often risking everything they own and their lives in doing so. 

The rise in refugee population sometimes makes the scale of the problem difficult for us to comprehend. And we, in the richer more secure countries, tend to forget that refugees are in every important aspect just like us, with the same hopes and dreams for themselves and their families, not just a 'problem' that we don't know how to solve. 

In 1997, psychologist Arthur Aron came up with a theory that four minutes of looking into the eyes of another person will bring them closer. I had the pleasure of composing music for this short film, aimed to prove that point, and remind us all that geography doesn't divide us. Instead of closing borders, we should be opening them up. 

The film was directed by Pegasus Pictures directors Reynir Lyngdal and Kristofer Dignus for Amnesty Iceland:

It seemed right in this context, that the song should be named 'Connected'. And here it is. You can download a longer version of it for free on our Soundcloud page. You can also stream it on Spotify here.

If you can, support your local Amnesty group, or other charities that help out refugees. Every little bit helps.

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