Pétur Jónsson composes OST for TV drama Réttur / Case

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Here's why you haven't heard a lot from us lately:

Pétur Jónsson just finished composing the original soundtrack to Réttur, an Icelandic crime drama TV series which will be distributed worldwide under the name Case.

The series, 9 episodes, each of 45 minutes, directed by Baldvin Z and produced by Sagafilm airs on Iceland's Channel 2

Pétur put down some thoughts on the process of composing music to the series here:

 It all started in June of 2014. Baldvin came by and told me that he had some really great scripts that he wanted me to write music to. I got a draft script of the first episode, and started composing a 5 minute track that would include all the emotions of the series, and display how we thought sonic world should sound - the music DNA of the show, so to speak. Baldvin took those sketches and used them for a mood video at a presentation for the producers, who immediately liked it. We were on. 

Next, some big workflow decisions. Post production schedule was going to be very tight. We knew what we wanted. So I started composing music right away, based on scenes and characters from the script. Already before principal photography they had several tracks to play with. As shooting progressed, they would get sent music all the time. I had immediate access to dailies and edited scenes, so I could pick the scenes I knew I had to write specific cues to and send them to the editors.

Baldvin would use the music to set the mood for the actors while rehearsing and shooting, and listen to it while he was directing. The editors could cut scenes directly on the soundtrack, making their job easier and more pleasant. They had themes, suites and a sonic world for each of the main characters from day one.

For me this is how we should always work soundtracks, not as an afterthought, but as an integral part of the work from the beginning, and especially with editing, where crucial things happen to the pace and flow of the material. People will talk forever about how music is so important to film, but they don't always put their money where their mouths are. Here we got a chance to work the music into the story from day one. It was immensely satisfying, and do I hope people like the result. 

We are finishing a full OST album which will be available digitally via all the different purchasing channels you can think of and then some. 

Until then, here are some tracks from the soundtrack: